Working from Home

Want to feel more in control of your time and life?

Even when you are stressed out you can experience greater relaxation, better focus, and increased productive energy when you have efficient systems in place to navigate the hurdles.

"Get Started" - 3 Hour Minimum Session - $225.00

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Working from home...

Improve efficiency and effectiveness 
utilizing an organized space as a starting point.

Space Management - File Management - Inventory Management - Paperwork - Declutter - Organize

Making the transition to work from home, as an entrepreneur, can be challenging, as well as a delicate balance of space and roles. A defined work space will help minimize the disruptions when maneuvering family and business activities in the home.


Maybe you already know how to do what you need to do in your home office, yet you feel buried and out of control. Perhaps, I can help you modify your current habits to benefit from simply, practical, and proven systems to make small consistent changes that will provide you an efficient and organized office space.


Getting organized and a clean desk does not guarantee efficient productivity! That is why I love helping Home Based Business Entrepreneurs improve their efficiency and effectiveness utilizing an organized space as a starting point in the process. It is not how much you work ...but how you work that can make a big difference. Such as how easily you can access needed documents and things without wasting time and effort.


What will it take to transform your life? First we need to slow way down and explore what is working for you. Then we will evaluate your current systems and look for breaks in the patterns that keep you buried under paper and overwhelm.  Yep, we will be getting very specific on the next-action steps in your life.


We all get stuck at times, no matter how strong our intentions, Do you know the obstacles that are standing in your way? Are you willing to partner with me to make changes to enhance working from home and realize a more organized and calming office?

Paper Management 

                   Neat & Tidy does not = Organized!


Paperwork can be overwhelming. It seems to take on life of it's own...and can quickly take over your space to hold the piles! Paper/mail is continually flowing into your home and without a good system for addressing it, paper becomes the "master" of you and your space! 

You can be the "master" of your paper with a few simple, and proven systems in place. Our goal is to help you pare down the paperwork to just the essentials necessary to perform your job efficiently and productively.

The more esthetically pleasing your office space, the more enjoyable it will be to work in. 

A key to knowing what you need is to declutter first before making purchases. Organized paperwork will help you understand what file storage solution you actually need.

If you struggle with "how to organize," sorting, categorizing, and where to find things you filed - relax... "how to organize" is all part of our systems and solutions! 

Wouldn't you like to experience a new feeling of creativity, more time, and calm without the clutter that is interfering with your work! YOU CAN!

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