What is Virtual Organizing?

A client is given the opportunity to get organized through the use of their phone with face-time, email correspondence, shared photos of the space, as well as technology like zoom and video conferencing under the direction of a professional organizer.

It takes two... at the initial consultation, the client shares their concerns of their space or project and desired outcome. Together the client and professional organizer develop a plan of action, decide on a communication style to suit both parties for the organizing session, and realistic expectation of the physical work to be completed by the client to achieve the desired outcome.

The client must be capable and willing to take on the task of the physical work as the organizer provides instruction, guidance and advice virtually during the organizing session.

Virtual Organizing is not for everyone! Some clients prefer more hand holding during the organization session. They prefer someone onsite physically during the process. Virtual Organizing is not recommended for the physically challenged or elderly because it requires the client to perform the physical work. Also not all clients are capable of using the technology required to communicate for the process to be a success.

The scope of the Virtual Organizing is limited to only one realistic project at a time. The sessions should be shorter due to the method of communication by technology can be more tedious. Also, a project can take more time to complete if a client doers not do the physical work in a timely manner or follow suggestions for homework.

In my opinion Virtual Organizing is more ion line with the DIYer. A Person who is independent, self directed, motivated, but would like a plan of action, encouragement and accountability to organize a space or project. The client can take it and run with it to suit them. The professional organizer is more of a coach to them as they work and hit road blocks or need specific direction on a task during the organization project. All physical work is done by the client alone or with the help of friends and family.

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