Tidy Habits! Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Tidy people don’t contribute to the mess all day in their homes - then expect to have a tidy home.

We all recognize that it can be hard and takes more time and effort to clean up a messy home all at once not to mention it is certainly not fun. These tips won't appeal to everyone, but these are things

that contribute to "tidy habits."

It takes consistency....tidy people incorporate small, daily habits of picking items up, cleaning as they go, and having a home for everything.

Tidy people don’t leave the dishes until they feel like doing them. It is a priority to simply wash the dishes as they use them or at least after a meal or snack. They don’t put it off to do later.

Tidy people don’t throw their things on the floor. They determine the floor is not a storage place.

Tidy people do not over decorate. They like to see counter space. They only keep the appliances

and items they actually use on their counters. The less used appliances are stored out of site in cabinets and pantries.

Small simple tiny habits create your reality. Look around your space. Are your clothes, shoes, books and miscellaneous item living out in plain sight in your living space? Not trying to step on toes here...

I am not the police of your home..if you like having multiple items around you, that is your personal choice to clean and maintain. I am just sharing how "tidy" people maintain their space effortlessly.

Create drop zones - a basket by the door to corral keys, mail etc. Be sure to go through this weekly.

Think of placing a basket beside a chair or sofa to keep a few items you use daily like the TV Remote.

Another great place for a basket is at the foot of your stairs....let it be where you drop items that live upstairs and you can easily return to their home on your next trip upstairs.

Tidy people make your bed daily. This is a huge controversy in general, but tidy people don't waiver here!

The last thing you do before bed is tidy up the main living area. It really feels good when you walk into the room the next morning and it is already tidy!

As you can see the key to being tidy in your home is to do small tasks daily!

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