Sentimental Clutter

We are taught to value and respect items that belonged to our relatives and friends that are gifted to us. We often feel a sense of responsibility to take care of things that were passed down to us. It can feel irreverent to get rid of something that was pass down, an heirloom, or artifact such as a souvenir.

When we take the steps to begin the process to declutter our homes, we often leave the sentimental items to be tackled last, as it can be very emotional. All the memories can overwhelm us. Our current state of emotional capacity has a big impact on the attachment to an item in the moment, as we struggle to let it go! Be gentle with yourself.

I want you to consider looking at the item with a focus on the memory more than the physical item. Ask yourself, how do I want to honor this person, what do I want to remember about them? What was so special about them, the values they passed down to you, and the way they made you feel? Can you pick a few items to hold on to that when you see it can trigger the great memories you hold so dear?

If you can pick a few items that you can actually use, or display that adds beauty to your home, by all means, place them in your home to be able to visually enjoy instead of packed in boxes in the back of a closet.

Some people suggest you take a photo of the item before you let it go. I have known people to have bears made of clothes their Mother often wore around the home. People have made quilts from ties, t-shirts, favorite shirts, etc, to have something to treasure that triggers the memory and is useful or a decoration in their home.

Be gentle with yourself during this process, take necessary breaks, and accept it will be hard, but

know no matter what you decide to keep, the memories are still with you to continue to cherish.

Remind yourself of the goal for taking on this project? Keep the vision of having a few items in your possession and that can still trigger the great memories, but they are no longer taking up valuable space in your home without any joy!

You ‘ve got this

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