Selling Your Home - Staging

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Are you thinking about selling your home? First impression are everything!

Did you know prospective buyers look at so many homes they start labeling the homes to help them remember individual homes. “That stinky cat home,” The really messy/cluttered home.”

Buyers often go to the internet first to view your home! If your home is cluttered or isn’t staged to sell…often they never schedule a walk through.

As a home stager, I know what prospective buyers are looking for and how to arrange YOUR furniture/accessories to enhance your home.

A Few Staging tips:

  • Buyers want a feeling of relaxation and spaciousness when looking at homes!

  • Curb appeal – besides the internet…driving by your home is a way for the buyer to look at your home …so what impression does your home give drive by traffic…look at it from the street…does the yard look neat, weed free, is the front door attractive? Visualize it through the buyers eyes…then get to work to improve it.Entry way – what feeling does the home give on first impression?

  • Closets – remove your seasonal clothes and shoes. Reduce as much as you can to give a feeling of spaciousness for the potential buyers…stuff!

  • Kitchen counters – a lot of appliances, canisters, gadgets just look like clutter to buyers.

  • Furniture – the idea is to create a visual as well as a walking flow through the home…again a feeling of spaciousness. Remove excess furniture.

  • Sanitize – get rid of odors, including smoking, pet and heavy perfume smells. Instead use citrus oils for freshness.

  • De-personalize – Photos have to go! I know they mean a lot to you, but this is about letting the buyer visualize themselves in your home…not living with you….as wonderful as you might be!

  • Declutter – you know what I’am gonna say! Get rid of things now on this side of the move!

  • Modernize – update old light fixtures, dated floors, faucets etc.

You actually get more for you investment when you stage to sell!

No need to bring a lot of new furniture into the home ….staging can be done using your own furniture saving you time and investment in the transition. Ask me how!

Working together we can get your home ready for prospective buyers.

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