Repurpose Your "Stuff"

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Planning to move or just cash in on your “stuff” ….a garage sale is a great way to transfer your “stuff” to a new home…freeing up valuable space in your home!

Check out these tips for holding a great sale:

  • Start early gathering items to be sold. Be sure you have pricing stickers and a pen to mark prices. Designate a space in your home or garage to hold items until the day of the sale.

  • Be sure to follow the community and city guidelines for yard sales. Research local thrift shops and charities to schedule pickup remaining items after the sale closes.

  • Advertise: Make large colorful signs listing the date,time and place. Be sure to list the type of items you have for sale (kids’ clothing, toys, tools, collectibles etc.) Place the sign in a high traffic intersections a few miles from your home. Consider running an ad in your local paper’s classified sections.

  • Set up the sale: Try to give yourself two days to to get the tables set up, items arranged and priced. Be sure everything is clean and attractive. Group similar items together: put stuffed animals in a basket or wagon, arrange household items on a table, books, CDs and tapes in boxes, display kids toys at eye level and hang clothing on racks. Put your big ticket items closer to the edge of the driveway to attract passersby.

  • Be sure to price everything: some people are too shy to ask. Attract people with balloons and banners. Have a “free box” prominently placed.

  • Don’t forget the little things: Be sure to have enough change, especially ones and fives, a a calculator handy. Have bags and newspaper for wrapping breakables. Have small water bottles on ice to sell …replacing your cost.

  • Count your cash and consider donating: After the sale, donate the leftover items to charity rather than returning them to you home. Most charities will pick up the items.

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