Purging the Clothes in Your Closet is Emotional

Do you "know" your personal style? Does you closet reflect that style, so that getting dressed

becomes an expression of who you are and not a lazy haphazard style that leaves you feeling


Do you find it hard to let go of all those clothes hanging in your closet that you know don't serve you well:

  • the old and dated

  • the items that don't make you feel your best

  • the clothes that are "just ok" but you make do

  • the clothes you keep because you paid "so much" for them

Working with so many clients, I can tell you, this is so common!

Purging an item can be difficult because it comes with a story that makes it difficult to let go of the item. It demands you make a decision before you move forward. This is where you can get bogged down due to the emotional attachment and slow the purging process to a halt.

Yes, our clothes are an extension of who we are, a link to our past, family and events in our life.

It is important to define your style. This allows a framework for determining what stays and what goes. So as you move into the fall season, really take some time to decide what you really like. Find inspiration from Pinterest, magazines, and catalogs you get in the mail. Get a clear visual of what colors and prints you like. Getting these ideas in your head before you purge helps with clarity and focus as you determine what items to " let go."

Roadblock # 1 - Wasted Money

Yep...the struggle is real! We all come across those purchases we hold on to because of the cost of the item. Most likely you barely wore it and that adds to the guilt! At this point, you must grasp the idea of a "sunk cost," that you already spent the money. Where is the value in hanging on to it and still not wearing it? At this point it becomes a negative or a pain point in your life. Just looking at it brings back all the negative feelings and guilt. Decide to "let it go."

Roadblock #2 - The clothes that are in excellent condition

It no longer "works" for you, but is in excellent condition. These items can be sold online or donated allowing someone else to benefit from them.

Roadblock #3 - Outdated clothes - " I will save it for...."

You can usually tell the signs of a dated item by the buttons, collars, pocket placement, shoulder shape and width of pants. There are some true classics, but many of our items don't qualify.

Roadblock # 4 - Sentimental or a Gift

Holding on to items that belonged to past generations, children off at college, married, etc., take up valuable real estate in our homes and add to the clutter.

Roadblock # 5 - The clothes that no longer fit

Get honest with yourself. Are you really going to hold three sizes in your closet ...j"just in case?" It is a personal decision to make.

Roadblock #6 - Multiples of the same item.

How many black t-shirts do you really need? Clothes need a little breathing room. Less items helps reduce wrinkles and it allows you to casually view your wardrobe at a glance without digging to get to an item.

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