Moving Tips!

STOP! Do Not put everything on the truck!

A little planning goes along way to reduce stress when moving! When you get to the new location…you might want to have the following items with you…..

Toiletries and Medications!

Pack a suitcase with everyday items you will need for a few days! Toothbrush, pj’s, toilet paper, hand soap, any medications, and supplements you take daily.

Pet Items!

Be sure you have all necessary items you need to take care of the family pet for a few days. Any medications, food, leash, water bowls, bed, up to date vaccination records, etc..

Phone adapters, cords, and laptops!

You will need to charge your phone and laptops at your new home! Why not have everything in one place?

Important Documents!

Make sure you have at least one form of identification on you during the move, especially if you are renting a moving truck or anything else that needs identification and proof of insurance.

Keep the necessary documents for both the previous home and your new home readily available.

Anything of value…anything of importance or value …keep them out of the moving truck or moving boxes. Money, jewelry or small family heirlooms …either keep them with you or place them in a safe deposit box.

Basic Cleaning Supplies!

Of course the new home is “clean,” but moving in and out of rooms with boxes can create it’s own mess. A vacuum, or even just a broom and dustpan can be a handy item to have on hand. Paper towels, disinfect wipes etc are also handy.

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