Decluttering is not Organizing!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Have you noticed...when you think the container is designed to hold more "stuff"... you repeat the cycle of buying more containers and even when you fill find you still have "stuff" needing a container. Take your closet as an example! You only have so much space available in a closet. You can add shelves, use the wall space vertically as well as horizontally, and use all the available floor space...but eventually, you max out the space. So you see...the container (closet) is not the issue! Anything can be a container...a dresser, a basket, a drawer, whatever.

The key is to accept the limitations of the space/container you have and declutter enough of your "stuff" that the remainder fits comfortably in the space of choice. Most of us are guilty of maxing out the space ..such as a closet...we move the overflow items outside the closet and end up with things with no home, resulting in clutter being out of control in our home! Instead of complaining you have no room for all your "stuff" declutter and only keep what physically fits in the space you have!

The key to successful decluttering is to purge enough "stuff" to only have what fits comfortably in your home!

Have you allowed your home to be a holding space for all your "stuff" instead of a place you live?

Start today...pick the most visible space in your home and declutter that space. It is so much more satisfying to see the results of your efforts as you walk around your home when you start your decluttering at the most visible place... a kitchen counter or the dining room table, wherever you see clutter visually in your home! Organize a drawer is satisfying, but...being able to walk into a room and "see" the table without the clutter is so much more rewarding and motivating to keep going!

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