Home Office Routines

Working from home is easier and more productive with well established routines.

Being mindful, that your home office "is designated for work," will help you minimize


Structure is very important for anyone working from home. Establish a set closing time,

so work does not creep into your personal life. Working from home presents itself with

new kinds of distractions. Be mindful of how easy it is to step away from work to do laundry,

run back and forth to the kitchen, decide to play golf, exercise, or get on your phone

and peruse social media...the distractions at home are endless.

It is proven, well established routines foster good habits and can make your day easier and more productive. They can simplify your life, reduce stress, and provide structure to your day.

Routines to establish:

  1. Define your work day hours - establish a daily start and finish time and adhere to it, as much as possible.

  2. Morning Routine - establish a morning routine ( get up the same time, shower, dress, breakfast, exercise, etc.)

  3. Dress for success - dress in a manner that helps you mentally prepare for work.

  4. Dedicated work space - your home office is for work - keep it that way! A designated space (whether it is a corner of a room or a whole room) helps establish work boundaries, minimize distractions, and signals your mind, “time to work.”

  5. Plan your work day - structure is key to keeping you on task. Schedule your time for the day, meetings, calendar, appointments, and be diligent to stay on task.

  6. Respect your space - a cluttered space wastes time with interruptions looking for documents and papers you need and can mentally distract you.

If you have never worked from home before, it will take time to adjust to the flexibility and freedom. Always look for ways to improve your routines and habits to increase your efficiency and productivity!

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