Think about Preserving and Protecting Your Print Photos!

For most of us it has been years since we have taken pictures on a camera using actual film or had a to take any photos into a BOX Store to get them developed. Funny how times have changed! It is easy to scan those photographs you have stored in boxes and albums and bring them into the digital age.

Transforming print photographs into digital images is important for preserving and protecting them. Natural disasters are common and fire and floods can destroy a lifetime of memories overnight.

Today, very few children want to be bothered with old dusty boxes of photos of their ancestors. Plan to speak with your relatives at family gatherings to help identify who the people are in your legacy photos. Far too often, our ancestors pass and we are left with photos with no clue to who is in the photo. Digitized photos are easier to share for the milestone family events. You are more likely to enjoy finding a digitized photo and posting it to someone in the moment!

  1. Be sure to find time at family get togethers to begin to a relative now, about your family history. Studies have proven there is a strong connection to our past is valuable for a child’s self-esteem.

  2. Did you know black and white photos are not heat and light sensitive like color photos.

  3. Color photos will fade even in the darkest closet, box or album.

  4. Orange tint to old photos are most likely due to the paper it was printed on.

  5. Photographers know that their finished product will always fade with the test of time.

  6. Be sure you have a backup system for your print photos.

It is so important to take a few moments to set aside time to preserve your family legacy. They are precious moments to be shared and tell the history your family for the next generation.

Accident's happen - two of my friends have recently changed their phone provider and lost all the pictures they had on their phone…both were grandmothers with precious pictures of their granddaughters. Be sure you back-up your pictures often!

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