Declutter & Organizing 

The focus of our service is YOU


Everything in our processes centers around your lifestyle, budget, and personal challenges utilizing the space. 


We look at what is already working for you - establish new systems - and utilize simple proven solutions to help you enjoy a calm organized space.


100% Confidential.


Start Decluttering today - $225.00 - 3 Hour minimum initial session 
After that, if you want to more time - it's only $75.00/hr! 

  • Declutter

    The Process:

    What Stays - Remove everything that no longer serves your life

    Gather - Sort like items together 

    Remove - Trash/Shred/Donate

    items that no longer serve you

    Experience - Spaciousness, Sense of Calm, Relief, Accomplishment

  • Organize

    The Process:

    **All Organizing sessions start with decluttering 

    Core collection - create zones and best placement for the items you currently use

    Corral - place like items in containers if necessary and label

    Experience -  Order, calm, time and $$ saved, easier to maintain the space

  • Restyle 

    **Optional Service

    Beautify - Rearrange furnishings to enhance the esthetics of the space 

    Accessorize - Decorate with finishing touches for added charm and style

    Experience - Your space utilizing the same furnishings with a fresh new look and feel by updating with accessories to bring charm and beauty to the space

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance is the Key to an organized life!

    Your lifestyle and budget determine the frequency and duration of future sessions

    Experience - Easy tweaks established for continuity of an organized space

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